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Mermaid in the bubbles!

Where do these bubbles come from,
I ask myself as I wade,
The sky is blue and the water is green,
This is not the first time I’ve seen,

Seems like there is something,
Beneath these waters,
but there is subtle rippling,
In these waters,

I play some more in green waters,
There is this thing that passed me,
It was fish like and shiny,
It definitely surprised me,

I’ve been in this water before,
I have seen mystery before,
This frolicking shimmering creature,
Looks to me like a mermaid,

She comes out of water,
Shy and meek,
She is fast and brisk,
Not at all weak,

The green waters and blue skies,
Is that the reflection in its eyes,
Serenading and singing,
Smiles and laughter are gleaming,

Ah! tis the myth or tis is reality,
Was there ever a mermaid,
Or it’s just my imagination,
Bubbling up to my mind.



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