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My Solitude…is my BLISS!

I am a unit of the imperfections of this universe where perfection is a perception. Growing up is a trade up name for adapting to others expectation or is it something different. Growing up in my experience has a different flavor. Life has definitely given me opportunities to grow and mature. Right from my first days of awareness until today as I write this. There are numerous instances where I have allowed myself to learn from my experiences.

Playing with friends, peer pressure, a group tendencies, herd mentality, eventually all this turns into a long lasting impressions that I now reflect upon. Learning from the past has been a greater blessing. Learning from ongoing events in my life is a greater blessings yet. Learning and accepting my limitations is also a great blessing. Learning and being in the awareness of that what is mine and what is not is a greater blessing too. Many examples to choose and learn from exist all around us. At work, at places of public interaction, at church, at social gathering and any other place that you can imagine of are always brought forth into our reality to help us grow and mature. The society is made up of couples, families, and individuals. Few of these individuals look at the world from their perspective of solitude. Some yearn for companionship and some just are at constant with it.

Solitude is a personal experience.

I have grown to recognize my solitude. Solitude can be scary or it can be very invigorating. My solitude is my bliss. It has allowed me to recognize myself as a unit and yet be whole. I see it as a stepping stone to something magnificent. I see it as a booster to something energetic. I am experiencing it to be my next wow moment. I am discovering the universal laws of vibration.

I am able to record and register my solitude responses. Usually the responses were attached to everyday cursors of life. The cause and effects were based on materialistic triggers. Now the same situations are very much transforming into a higher understanding of life. Something that cannot be measured by the Dollar, Lira, Pound or Euro or by the possessions we have. Solitude is one of many that cannot equate with worldly assets.

When I reach a critical point in my life, I reach out to solitude and rest in peace. I pause. I contemplate. I observe. I move to the rhythms of my breath. I look inside to an outside solution. And it works. It works as I reach to solutions that are genuine. These solutions come from a deeper source. The insight is guided by a non-harmful thought to any human soul.

Alike Love, Solitude is internal and everlasting. Solitude is an example of joy within us. Solitude is the eternal inspiration. Solitude is the permanent smile on our soul. Solitude is a never ending. My journey to the center of my being has just started. I already feel the serenity and an ecstatic sense of calmness within myself. My Solitude is My Bliss.



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