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My thought….

My thought….

As time flies through our lives, we all know that it is never coming back. As the larvae transforms into a beautiful butterfly it also knows it will never be a larvae again. The breath generating in our lungs knows that upon exhaling it will dissipate in the ethers of our universe. On an ongoing basis the entire creation goes through some sort of transformation. Each transformation has an impact in its unfoldment. Each unfoldment leads to another transformation.

What happens when you quantify? When you give in to objectivity? When you perpetually find yourself lost in the what if’s of life? Over time we looses it’s impact. Just like if you keep substituting sugar with salt soon the sugary syrup will transform into a concentrated saline solution. Likewise if you substitute sad encounters with happy experiences and the overall quality will shift.

The heart, mind, body and soul can produce these transformational shifts individually or in combination with each other and or together. Our participation in our day to day activity with awareness can leave us with grace for reflection.

I observed my day today…average, an average day. I woke up early as usual, I arrived at work, I worked my given allotment of time, I left for home, I stopped to see my hair designer, I got to the villa park, I chatted with a resident neighbor at the mailbox, I rested and freshened up, I cooked dinner (yummy), I watched a movie, and now I write this.

In between this mix of experiences I was aware, I was observing. I was perplexed. I was consumed with thoughts, that clouded my mind every little bit. I feel opposite right now. I feel relaxed, I am free of perplexing thoughts, I am at ease. Even though I’m in a thoughtful state I am in a peaceful state. What occurred I asked myself? What shifted this plain within me? I almost rewind from start to now, I found the reason why.

At the mailbox when I spoke to the resident neighbor I out rightly claimed that I am in the state of grace. I AM IN A CONTINUAL STATE OF GRACE. This phrase has not left my side this week. I give the power to the infinite, to God, to the great director of my world. I am thankful. Why, because where I am, what I am, how I am and more would have not been transpired without my awareness. I am BLESSED. The words that I sputtered in the conversation lifted me. It’s like a hungry person finds strength in food, an athlete finds endurance in his training, a blind find assurance in his heightened senses, I discovered that I am secure and safe in my being.

The universe responded to my claim. There is a calmness and serenity abound and around. Which I and only I can reflect, interpret and resonate with since it is mine and only mine to experience.

And just like me you are capable to resonate with your circumstances and grace.

With love and grace,
Spirit Led Straight from the heart,
Joy Sagar
April 02, 2014



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