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Natural Law of Cycles!

From my lens…
A grateful heart, always.
The soul sings, praises.
The abundance exists, for all.
Choices, choices, and choices.
Listen, listen, turn and tune in.
All fails slowly appear to win.
Physical or Non-Physical.
Infinite and everything.
Makes my soul sing.
Always, a grateful heart.
written by – Joy Sagar

How goes it? Life is Good. All is well. As you think, you become. all these wonderful phrases mean nothing if you don’t follow them through. with action based steps.

I would have missed some of these photographs if I did not listen to the nudge that said, turn here, look here, look up, take your glasses off, look with your inner eyes. We all have these beautiful moments. We all have these opportunities. We have such beauty all around us.
Natural Law of Cycles, expresses, the intent of nature in its entirety. Nothing will ever remain the same. Movement, change, evolvement whatever term fits you, one must change, change for a wholesome growth. Life never stops its rhythm, always moving and always in forward motion.
What about you? How well do you align yourself with the natural laws and spiritual laws?

Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar, is a Spiritualist Medium, Healer, Teacher and Psychic/Intuitive. He is based in Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga, FL. He loves to travel and share with passion his interests in Spiritualism, Natural and Spiritual Laws, Psychic and Intuitive Studies and more…. For More Info visit



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