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Never Down Under!!!

I am never down,
Always lifted up,
In the arms of my father,
Find my solace,
In his eternal grace,
Life can be thorns or roses,
Different shapes, sizes and poses,
Only way I am down under,
When I’ll push daisies,
Troubled waters, brewing clouds,
Tears may surface but I say,
Joy’s, sorrows and dismay,
Father never leaves me,
He never leads me astray,
My eyes may not see,
What he holds for me,
The beauty of Gold,
Passing through fires,
The Diamond under pressure,
Birthing from coal,
This is the 8th wonder,
In my father’s arm I am never down under.

Written by:
Joy Sagar
Spirit led straight from the Heart.

Joy is a practicing medium, healer and a Vedic astrologer. Joy is available for private consultations. He likes to write prose and poetry via his blog.

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