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No Storm can last Forever

Verse 23 from the book, Living the Wisdom of the Tao as lived by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
“To talk little is natural, Fierce winds do not blow all morning, a downpour of rain does not last the day. Who does this? Heaven and Earth.
But these are exaggerated, forced effects, and that is why they cannot be sustained. If heaven and earth cannot sustain a forced action, how much less is man able to do?
Those who follow the way become one with the way. Those who follow goodness become one with goodness. Those who stay from the way and goodness become one with failure.
If you conform to the way, its power flows through you. Your actions become those of the nature, your ways those of heaven.
Open yourself to the Tao and trust your natural responses…then everything will fall in place.”
Affirmation : In all of nature, no storm can last forever.
It is true.
Expanding this into the Natural Law of Cycles which states that everything has a course of action. As that course ends, one must be diligent to spruce the ends, and step into new cycle from there. One cycle can perpetuate another cycle on its own. Thus keeping the elements refreshed, intrigued and involved.
Even the law of attraction states, even though you may find yourself on step one at times, which is unavoidable, you must know step one will last as long as you would allow it to be. So better yet, springboard from step one into the next steps, align with happy feeling thoughts, and soon you will find yourself back on top of your good great feeling vortex.

Much Love from Joy Sagar

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