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 "NOW"! : Listening one more time to spirit’s guidance…


That is all I heard while I was savoring my Social Media – LOA groups and FB and Twitter and Google+. I stopped and I put things on pause and got my bicycle and went outside to ride. Did a route, everything was fine. Stopped and talked to some friends. It was such a great pleasure to be out in the open air and have an awareness that I can still ride my bicycle and ride it well.

Started again… wanted to go out on the main drag. Somehow I said let me take this smaller course on Steven St. and I will branch off to the Cassadaga Rd. It will be fun…. It was for about few hundred feet, I was thrilled. A small gust of wind on my downhill course, catches my hat and whoops….That is all it takes to go…. flying off the bicycle.

This is what came to mind…
Humpty Dumpty sat on a seat,
Humpty Dumpty paddled away,
Humpty Dumpty caught in a gusto,
Went down flying in dusto….

I am laughing. 

Nothing to worry, NO major damage, just some deep abrasions and scuffs. That was good for me. I have been an agile athlete for most of my life (you cannot believe this if you see me now), thus I know how to take something like this with grace. Additionally, when I heard “NOW”, I was dressed for the day for my Spiritual Work: a nice pair of jeans and a couple layers of shirts, thus it was a blessing. I was padded and protected in that way. Amazingly, as I lost my balance, I observed myself losing control.  In that instant, I knew there was no way out of getting out of this without hugging “mother earth”. That part of the street was rough. But in my fall I have no awareness, how I fell a couple feet into/towards the “SPIRIT POND”. I was well received by the grace of spirit pond. I did witness my bicycle was still on the roll in a cart-wheel mode about forty more feet. 

Though this happened in a broad day light, I still sprung like a ninja. I saw this gentleman coming towards me frantic, just wanting to be sure that I am okay. I assured him that I was. My iPhone went out of my pocket, and it too was saved without scratches.  I mean without scratches, (I discovered this after I returned and had washed my do-hickey’s, I had to trek back to spirit pond to look for it.)

One could argue with me otherwise, but I have been purely blessed by just taking steps of faith as I heard the inspiring word “NOW” from spirit. Once again, I was saved by listening. I was tested to prove the “trust”. I listened. I listened. I listened one more time. Spirit saved me from something worse. I was brushed with minor wounds and abrasions that I can manage on my own. 

I recognize, I don’t compute pain like others I believe, I don’t, just barely (not trying to portray that I am tough or anything else). I know spirit will grace me with healing. I have that awareness too. On the other hand, this could have been worse, I could have opted a different time of the day on a main road and had a worse experience or the ride could have a totally different outcome.

Ah! I feel blessed.
A day in a nutshell in Joy’s world.

PS: I will be back on my bicycle, soon!



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