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OMG : Outline of the talk at The Source in Bunnell, Fl.

I have known Dave and Jonella for many years now. I have shared many occasions with them as a student, colleague and member of organizations. I cherish each and every opportunity. What I cherish the most is our friendship and our uniqueness as we evolve in our spiritual path. Life has given to all of us the same faculties of senses. Hearing, touching, taste, seeing and feeling or which I would call emotional state of mind. We constantly experience these as we interact with the different enegries around us. We go through the different motions each day and soon it becomes our second nature. We do not register our responses as a set response.

From early on based on these responses we soon learn to categorize our future actions and engagements. Good or bad, relevant or irrelevant, pleasant or unpleasant and many more. A great pigeon hole effect. An example, about the age of eight, I noticed that I’m sensitive to the air, just to remind you I’m from India, I am feeling things that are not present, I’m smelling things that are not there and I’m seeing translucent people occasionally walking around in our tiny two bedroom rental apartment. So, I go to my mother and my god mother and share my experiences. They belive in the fables but brush it off my mind and encourage me to ignore them. So I go on about minding my kid business lost in my joyful world. However, these experiences don’t end. These impressions keep reoccurring over and over again. And I keep going to my mother and God mother and they keep giving me the same response. Over time I became desensitized. I started to ignore them. I categorized them in not to be paid attention zone.

I am rediscovering myself in that way, one experience at a time. Today I know that those were my OMG moments. We all have these OMG moments in our lives. The see our occurring right now as a matter of fact. Our senses provide us the experiences of our life time, some are in form of big or even the tiniest aha moments. When these occur what are we doing, how are we interpreting them? Spiritualist philosophy that we believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence. Intuition, mediumship, psychometric impressions occur in our lives of we allow ourselves to resource those OMG codes in an expressive way.

In conclusion, my encouragement is thst source of the universe is equally accessible to each and everyone. We are all designed to have those OMG moment’s, however are we in tune to recognize them?



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