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One more day in the History…

One more day in History…

So I posted this poster today… But as the day went on my vision got clearer.

I woke up this morning thinking about what is the sum of all fear. Failure, discouragement, peer pressure, self, delusion, doubt, or just any reason that I can offset the curve ball’s of life. Transferring of a blame game or just shifting the face of reality.

Then, I headed to Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. As soon as I hit the camp grounds, I felt a change in my being. Something somewhere within me shifted. Today was my day to be one of the Certified Healers in the Healing Gazebo with another fellow SCSCMA Certified Healer. While I was in the gazebo, I set my intent and allowed to open myself to SPIRITUALISM and as a conduit for spiritualist healing. It was in that moment I surrendered and removed my(ego)self out of the picture.

The lecture in the church was to the point and revealing. It had a message I heard a long time ago. The pre-processed conditions that we are all exposed through the course of our living life time are just precursor to our conditional outcomes. We keep pushing on the door of life thinking it will open outwardly however it is already set to open inwardly. Introspection, self inspection, and Ramana Maharishi’s foremost appeal to all humanity of self inquiry.

Then we all headed to Sunday Afternoon Grove Service, there was a huge crowd there. We had a great attendance to say the least which includes to say there was a lot of spiritual presence. A sensitive soul to such vibration could feel the energy vibration to the building. Happy faces, Curious faces, Intrigued faces, Amazed faces and more… We, Mediums and Guests, were all awaiting to the spirit communication today.

What is always amazing for me to observe, the matter how we all work is so different from one another, yet all the Mediums and Student Mediums dedicate themselves to serving Spiritual Energies present. We validated some smiled, some were dazed and amazed and some had tears in their eyes. Tears of acknowledgement that life continues after death. There can be recognition of loved ones lost through mediumship and the words shared will be true to the essence of their identity. The rest of the day progressed well and wonderfully. No hick-ups and no hang-ups. I was blessed to meet and talk to awesome people today.

Love does not need any name, creed, definition, label, or whatever it may be. Once you recognize self and examine it with your experiences. Love is all we need, says the Beatles. I began today’s writing talking about the quote from Rumi’s Facebook Page by Shams Tabrizi. Prior to today’s start, I was shredding myself into small portions discriminating my purpose, for this past week.

My inspiration to share this elaborately was just to help you bring up your life events that you can use as markers. How you discriminate your life events? How do you feel when you are challenged with life situations? How do you get around to feeling loved as a whole?

This may not make a head or tail to you but it still is food for thought…. 



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