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One to None to One

Singularity: the quality or state of being singular

Duality: the quality or state of having two parts

Multiplicity: the quality or state of being multiple or various

For me these are nothing but great way of looking at perspective. Analogy, if you see various examples of gemstones and precious stones… these can be faceted in many different ways… just a raw piece of earth, cut in two or more facets.

Life is such too! We as Singular Individuals go through our developmental stages tend to learn, grow, gain and remember our experiences. These experiences form learning habits, patterns and behaviors.

Our inseparable and intricate facet of spiritual yearning is like that too. We form these habits and patterns in a live alive universe. We may carry forward some facets from our past lives, to recognize these facets in the current lifetime is a case of brilliance, especially if this occurs from the get go or early stages.

Life form currently has gone beyond the singularity to mega-multiplicity.

In previous days, when life form was simple, when life form had what we see now as the very basics of life, when life form did one act at a time, when life form had more time to stop, pause and reflect on life day to day basis. 

Today, we live in multitasking universe, where life form has created and welcomed chaos, where life form has quantified sanity and success by way of hoarding finances and calling it a security, where life from is creating more and more and more of short attention span semantics, where life form is breaking down the complexity of life to the molecular level and yet failing to get a grasp on it.

Why not, amidst all the achievements of science and modern day study, all the accomplishments of the geniuses, we stay true to the roots? When I say roots, I mean, singularity. One thing at a time. One life at a time. One focus at a time. One with One that is One with One never feels there is NONE because NONE is equal to NumerousONE!


Joy Sagar is a practicing Psychic, Medium, Intuitve and a Healer based in Cassadaga, Florida. Visit his website for more information.  



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