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Ordinary Words!

Ordinary Words!

My mind seems like a bag of jelly beans,

Colors, flavors, textures and triggers,

Life is discovery and not end to means,

We spend much time in crunching figures,

Losing sight and losing mind,

Looking for stuff that we may not like,

Friends and Foes one of a kind,

Smoke, Smog, Snow and Heat,

Feet with chains and locks on brains,

Dancing to the Electronic beat,

Flying planes and interconnected trains,

Suit, Pant, Tie and Shirt,

Fruits, Veggies, Pies and Cakes,

Life to life from Dirt to Dirt,

Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Thunders and Earthquakes,

Makes no difference whatsoever,

Assumption is Mother EARTH will go forever!

Ordinary Words

Written by : Joy Sagar (01/15/2015 @ 08:35)




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