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Outline of my talk at The Church of Spiritual Awakening ::September 08 2013::

Good Morning Everyone!

It is a great pleasure to be here today. I am very thankful to the infinite Spirit and the church of spiritual awakening to present me with this opportunity to speak here today. 
I would like to remind everyone that my purpose is to present and share based on my own experience and allow all of us including me to register those triggers in our own memories that bring awareness in our current moment.
My topic for today is “If you just let GO and LET it be” in an emotional and spiritual point of reference.
I would like to share an experience with you. Many Many moons ago while I was learning the intricacies of Hindu Astrology in India, I needed lot of guinea pigs to practice with. I was very fortunate that I had kind and forgiving friends and family. They allowed me to use them as my trial subjects. 
This one instance I remember this very plain and clear.
One of my friends and her family who made a conscious decision of allowing their kids to be educated which subsequently delayed the process of marriage. In India due to social structure a girl should be married in her early twenties. So my friend finishes her education and now in pursuit of getting married. There have been not many suitable requests and time is going by. The frustration is building, little disappointment is settling in, maybe a hint of complex is mushrooming it’s head and so forth.
Well Hello Joy I heard one day, would you do our chart and see what is going on. On the inside Joy goes, BING, a guinea pig, yay fresh warm sitter to practice on, YAY. I replied in a a calm cool collected manner, Yes I will be over tomorrow.
I go over the chart and make deductions and shared that this time is not so favorable for any event associated with marriage for this girl. Maybe in few months and then after a bit a nice bigger period is coming up that will draw in more favorable choices for the family. When these situations occur, the encouragement was to do our part.
In the mean time, I am being a friend and consoling her, just let it be, engage in your work, help your mom etc. and Let go of this constant mind chatter of why and what and why not.
Well lo and behold, days, weeks, months and time flew by and soon the events start to fall in place and with some efforts and everyone in that family doing their part succeed in this situation.
My friends! this is just one example from my life to show how we all can be captives of different situations that we create in our lives. To find a perfect job, a companion, a pet, a social status, a group of friends, a spouse, a religion and even a church.
From very early years of our lives are taught the laws of cause and effect. If we take a certain action there is supposedly a certain outcome. If we are kind and courteous to our patients we will get good score on the surveys. We learn how to negotiate and turn things in our favor. If you do well in school today I will allow you a certain amount of xbox time or you can go hang out with your friends. Our social influence often dictates on how we end up to be today. However, We are always in control. 
Just like when we participate in mediumship and meditation. We are in control of our surroundings. We sit in circles and we practice. We learn how to control the flow of information, how to participate with the energies around us and so forth. In this process we often notice the situations just like my friend story. We are constantly evaluating our learning curve. We measure it to the standards set by our peers and colleagues. We create our own level of expectation from ourselves.
What do we do when we are not progressing. We feel the negative emotions such as anger, frustration, despair etc. We start to question our abilities, our choices and our processes. The Reverend Diane Davis terms this as MONKEY MIND. 
Allowing ourselves to find that natural flow of the process is the key. How do we do this? How do we achieve this state of awareness? Is there a fast fix for this? Is there a magic key to it? The answer is – No. The solution is not something like one size fits all.
We always or mostly like to be in control. We are influenced by our haste, our moments of forcing ourselves on our situations and then we end up with situations that are not so pleasant. This is not the case every time however but in many cases it is. 
We are all different and we all progress at a different rate. It is our own awareness of what works for us and what does not, brings us into a bigger and better and clearer understanding of our spiritual progression. Sharing myself as an example. When I started my studies at Cassadaga. I thought I will be in an out of this in very smoothly and efficiently. But boy did I set myself up or what. Life happens, right? Just like everyone else I am not immune to any special treats from spirit world and Life happened. I tried to fight myself but eventually I paused. I reflected and I was prompt to say I allow spirit to take charge, I let go and I will do my part.
I just want to remind us, our spiritualist declaration of principles are very valid. They are very applicable in our living life and afterlife. They compliment our progression. We are aware of them on an ongoing basis. We believe that the phenomena of nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence. When we say the healing prayer, we include … that I will do my part. Often, my friends, just letting it be and allowing the divine energies flow, can be the most suited step towards success.
I would like to close with one of my poems. I hope it is befitting and I hope you will enjoy it.
If You just LET it BE!
My thoughts are my wisdom,
they are my here and now,
they are my truth and they are my reality,
These are moments of Hmmm, Ha, Aha!
Because they speak to me,
turning to be my leap of faith,
Neither right or wrong,
to my own tune each moment,
with each word they become a song,
The whistle, the bell, the gong,
from USA to Hong Kong,
there is no limit where they can be,
From up above and so below,
from black and blue to red and yellow,
colors of my life they are to be,
Knowing what is Yours,
knowing what is mine,
it’s a walk on a very fine line,
Like Lotus blossoms,
dew drops fall,
Like shrubs are short, 
and trees are tall,
In Love and Pain,
or Loss and Gain,
even in War and Suffering,
Spiritualism teaches me,
reformation is possible,
no matter where I will be,
Thus, When nothing else matters,
Turning inwards I am within me,
And I Let GO, I Let GO and just Let it BE!!
Thanks for reading..



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