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Physical and Spiritual Jigsaw Pieces

I did not realize…
I did not perceive…
I did not expect…
etc. etc. etc.

One may recognize that the “did not” did it again as one ponders to solve mysteries within oneself.

When we look within, it is 100% time well spent, time well invested, and time well well well well.

Setbacks, as harsh and painful as they are, always reveal a bit about either end of the situation, always leaving it up to us how the pieces fit in our masterpiece creation; that is us. 

Accomplishments, as rewarding as they are, always leave room for the revelation that the setbacks allow us to choose how we define ourselves with clarity and that we are more equipped to see others’ imperfections & perfections within ourselves.  

From a physical perspective, we have this lifetime to work in as many pieces as possible in the jigsaw puzzle we opted to work with. From a spiritual perspective, we have soul time to work in as many pieces as possible in the bigger puzzle with which the soul gets to work.

Every time a piece falls into place, there is a creation of harmony, and it is a music only the creator can hear, but others will definitely feel it.

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” ― Lao Tzu.

Much Love to ALL, Joy Sagar
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PS – These are finger mullet under the ocean waters by the jetty.



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