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Poem – Little Something… By Joy Sagar

Little something…

I call it a day,
Tired and weary,
Scratching my head,
Worn out and achy bones,
The smell of roasted garlic,
Minus the fun and frolic,
No sounds of echo,
No one to turn to,
There are a lot of I’s around,
An iPad, iPhone, but just not I,
There is music but no rhythm,
There is light but no bulb,
Life turns around like clock,
I go out around the block,
Stay in the now and here,
Within the heart I hear,
The heart beats are rhythmic,
It has it’s own music,
The world outside seems berserk,
But it tells me to twerk,
The sun be out again,
Joy will still be there,
Sunshine or rain,
Follow your heart,
It’ll lead you to your meadows,
Where the limbs be full,
With fruits and birds,
Dream big,
Of honey and fig,
Count the sheep,
Let sleep creep,
Alarm is set,
When it’s time to be up,
It’ll go Beep beep beep,
But for now I’ll call it a day!

Written by joy sagar



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