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Pot holes, impressions, listening….

Interestingly I had a conversation about pot holes maybe no more than 48 hrs ago. And here it is right in my world. 

Natural law of attraction shall we say to say the least. Life has been such lately. The power of thought is a greatest of all. I am very confident when I say watch what you say you might just end up with it. 
Paraphrasing from the famous “Autobiography of a Yogi” where Yogananda is trying to meditate next to his Guru. He spots an annoying mosquito. He tries to ignore it.  But the mosquito was persistent. He lands close to him. He extends his hand to smack it then withdraws the hand on the thought of what guru may think of this act. The guru had been observant of this scene, refers to Yogananda and says, why stop now? The thought has been conceived and is just as valid as the act.

Following this pot hole conversation and now the pothole appears in my vibration today unannounced and surprisingly. The point is proven, how powerful our thoughts are. We are powerful human beings. We have the capacity to draw towards us situations and events. Quite often I observe the universe brings forth for us opportunities and scenarios. Some greater energy is always at play with us for our best. Just like the different wind patterns in the world the universe brings into our magnetic field choices that may be best suited for us. We get to choose our excursions in life. 

Along with this comes a thought about our strong understanding of self and our point and purpose. When you are surrounded by scenarios and events that you attract or send out thoughts and vibrations, do you pay attention? It is said you reap as you sow. Similarly what you put out there is what you are going to get in return. Applying this to my sensitive self, as I opened the car door something told me to not dart out but to peek first. I did. I was like yes “thank you” I’m listening. I’m always attentive to the universe so much so it is often hard to separate. Lately, I catch myself saying your talking and I’m listening, I’m talking to my higher consciousness. The energies of the universe are very engaging. It helps to pay attention and to exercise mindfulness is great too. 
What works for you? What life situations you attract? What course of communication you have establish with your higher self?



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