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Practice, Practice, Practice

From the book “The Mythic Tarot”, pg 23, titled, “The Magician” reads…

“Hermes, the Magician, is that unconscious power within which looks after us although we cannot see him, and which appears as though by magic at the most critical and difficult moments in life to offer guidance and wisdom.” …. “Hermes, the Magician, points to the potential skills and creative abilities which have not yet manifested.”


It is such a beautiful thought, to understand that this life, that which we are given is uniquely magical to each of us. We are the Magicians. We command within us the abilities to await moments of rising intuitiveness. As those moments uprise, we must catch that high note and go with it. For many, difficulties of life, are disheartening. For many, it is an opportunity. For many, nothing more nothing less, just is.

This segment of thought reminds me of the show on television titled, “I should have been dead.” In that show, there were numerous examples of great outcomes, as life situations pushed these human beings in corner, in hard places in life threatening scenarios yet they managed to survive and not just that, they survived to talk about it.

Under any circumstance, especially under duress, train yourself to listen to your inner voice. You must recognize, there is a magician within you that has a new unknown trick hidden within you, that has capable of life changing acts. You will be surprised what you would achieve just by listening to your inner voice.

How do we get to that point, practice, practice, practice and more practice listening to our inner guidance, our intuition!

We can create a meaningful and magical life on a daily basis.

xo Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar is a practicing Spiritualism Medium, Psychic, Healer and A well received Public Speaker. He is based in Cassadaga, Florida. He is available for private readings, mentoring, coaching and healing sessions.

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