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Process or End


Well Of Course!

No day is alike and No breath is alike! 

I am a work in progress and so are you.

You are a divine perfection and so am I.
I am “forever” grateful for my inner guidance, intuition, higher connection with self, ability to recognize a point and place of happiness and fear or melancholy and joyfulness. I am grateful for discernment as it allows me to be, just be.

What do you do when life has challenging questions? What? Why? Where? When? and more… How do you process it? What do you focus on?

I am blessed! I ask these questions since many of us just don’t recognize this on an ongoing basis. We just push and push and push to get well quick, get the response fast, get straight to the result or reward.

It is said when we chew our food in adequate amounts, it allows the brain to release proper digestive juices, allowing it to break down better, get absorbed better and therefore the nutrients absorbed in our system allow us the energy and vibrance we need to be strong, to be radiant, and alive.

So why, when we are faced with challenges, be it of any kind, we like to shorten the learning, discerning, contemplative, and much more in the journey towards a healthy, wholesome, and fruitful outcome.

I am grateful for life lessons I have had so far. I am grateful for beautiful folks I have met until this day. I am grateful for the experiences that have shaped me for who I am. I am grateful for wisdom that always was within me. I am grateful for the “sour grapes” too. I am grateful for my in adequacies too. I am thankful for my failures just as much as my successes.

I am at the end of the day, blessed with JOY in my being.

Enjoy the journey, wherever you are in your life, simply just be, Just Be YOU!

I share this with love and gratitude to all who are a part of my life – in body, mind and spirit.

With Love,

Joy Sagar


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