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Procrastination, make it the first bad habit to Let Go!

Hey Everyone,

Hope we are all doing fine and feeling wonderful going into this year of 2016. So where have you found yourself to be with this years resolutions,  themes and goals or whatever you may call them? I am going to be the first one to say, I am still beating around the theme for this year. My guidance for this year is with the idea of developing “Discipline” in my day to day lifestyle. It has taken me up to this far in the new year to get my grip around it. 

My discipline this year to be proactive and not be procrastinating.

This is frankly not working out so well. Guess I am looking at a big lessons planned for me this year. Okay first things first.

Steps that I have thought to take to beat this debilitating thing to the punchline.

  • Step 1 – I will make goals & give them deadlines.
  • Step 2 – I will follow through with my goals and stay within the set deadlines.
  • Step 3 – I will break down the process to accomplish my goals in small parts. This will make things easy to accomplish.
  • Step 4 –  I will recognize and reward myself as I successfully complete each step.
  • Step 5 – I will follow up after the activity is complete.
  • Step 6 – If I fail to be successful at any point I will start from Step 1.

It is our desire to look at our life with an intent of improvement. Life provides us umpteen opportunities to live and learn and so we must make the best of it. We can easily reflect on our lives and find out that we start a lot of things/tasks/projects what have you so many times and leave them unfinished. We do not recognize the opportunity we have for learning. Look at the example of Thomas Edison, 10,000 attempts of creating a light bulb, I don’t think he procrastinated one bit, or succumbed to it due to failure. It is always hard to snap off a bad habit. Just like a good habit, bad habit is an integral part of us. Snap off it, ask yourself, is it worth changing for the best or am I fine at where I am.

Hear me out on my gluten/weight soap box. I have been “off my Gluten Free” diet plan for last few months. Food that has gluten in it is very comforting to me, at least for now. However, I have noticed, how I feel is not good, I feel bloated, sluggish, gaining weight, loosing the vibrancy, and more. Yet, even though I am observing all this, I push off my healthy diet to the side as I go for a slice of bread, another donut. Today, I am feeling sick, actually I have been feeling blah for a while. 

This Valentine’s Day weekend, I have made a choice. That I will love myself and honor my physical body that sustains my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I will eat healthier. I will walk. I will be mindful. I WILL NOT PROCRASTINATE to do so. For me this is one small aspect of my life that will allow me to manifest my theme for the year. Shunning procrastination will help me with my discipline and allow me to the next best level of my life, in all chosen areas. These are parts of my story, however, I know with certainty that you’ll recognize all this in your own life, in big or small manner. 

Remember it’s the fun in understanding the highlights of the journey and how you get there. 

It does not matter where you started yeasterday, you can still Make your victory memorable because you can be a winner tomorrow, no matter where you are today.



Joy Sagar, is a Psychic Medium, Spirtualist Healer, Teacher, Vedic Astrologer, REIKI Master. He practices in Cassadaga, Florida. He is also a Public Speaker and known for his awareness into the natural and spiritual laws, as he combines them to help manifest and facilitate Success for you. Visit for more information about Joy Sagar.



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