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Reflection, one of many !

Often I wonder, to maintain the social composure we harden ourselves to cover up the emotions and thoughts that prevail in our life. Our sorrows and pain, new or old are there for a bigger purpose. Since we are human beings it is very relevant to feel vulnerable to the myriad emotions of life. Fear can ruin your life by bringing up walls of self preservation and or self evaluation. Fear can also turn your life around to the best of the best by allowing yourself to discover your hidden talents and strengths.

Fearful situations in life are always a form of opportunity. Divorce, unemployment, fear of loosing a job, fear of public speaking, poverty and many more terms like such may sound negative but are they really are negative. Each of these life situations encourage us to grow and learn. These situations carry a great potential of introspection and opportunity to find self. One has to be strong to withstand the tides of life and one has to be brave to endure the pressure they come with. Think for yourself and life situations around you, what are you afraid of? What really makes you fearful? How much will you go without facing them? When will you resolve the root causes of these challenging situations?

The most important question to ask is how do you let all these effect you. Just be mindful that no matter where you stand in life, and whatever situation you maybe in, just don’t loose focus. The inner child must be allowed to survive. The inner child should nurture and proper. As the inner focus stays on course the outwardly situations dissolve and fade away. The process could be slow or fast based upon your ability to allow yourself to accept but it is assured to always keep the clarity in place.

Enjoy to recognize yourself!



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