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Remind Yourself!

Hello Everyone,

Each day we get the opportunity to create a better version of us. What is that better version, we get to decide! In my quite time this morning, I received these inspired words from The Source that I share with you.

Remind yourself >>> “Any opportunity to learn gives me joy. I am planning to be in simple mode of going with the flow. I am ready to go where life takes me. I am willing to explore the next best experience of joy, fulfillment, abundance, prosperity, reward, good feeling and pure positive adventure etc.” ALL is WELL with me.


Love and Light – Joy Sagar #joyofcassadaga

PS: On July 1 2018, I will be the Speaker and Medium at Colby Temple, Cassadaga, FL for the Sunday Service. All are Welcome to Join Us. We start at 10:30am



Call or Text : (386)-479-5225

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