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Renewal and Tears

It’s barely eight,
And I lay looking at the open sky,
I count the stars in flight,
Gentle breeze singing lullaby,
Turning radio stations,
I find Johnny…Johnny Cash,
His melodies have stories,
Not just a mad bash,
These eyes grow heavy,
And it’s not just sleep,
Life isn’t just straight it’s also wavy,
Breathing shallow and deep,
Willie sings, cowboys ain’t easy to love,
They are like lonesome dove,
Soaring the skies of truth and lies,
Nesting on Alps and Rockies,
What’s in that smile,
I hear it’s from the mind,
So it’s a polite kind,
Real one seems afar a mile,
I dance in the rain,
Singing to my soul,
Suppressing the pain,
The raindrops left salty stain,
I raise my head to see why,
Oh! My Dear Father in sky,
Looking down wondering why,
My pain makes Him cry,
My bond with Him,
Complicated to put in words,
He loves me,
And I love Him,
I’m special in His eyes,
He tells me I’m not alone,
He looks into my heart,
Saturating me with His endless Love,
This is not complete since this is a renewal not just the end…..



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