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Revolt at Health Valley!

It was interesting Friday yesterday.

Let’s go back to Monday first.

I have been following through with my pursuit of being strong and healthy. I am pursuing my theme of “strengthening” for this year.

Okay, so I have walked a lot in last few days.. Curbed my sugar intake.. Said no to bread a few times… Said no to eating meat most of the time.. Trying to live on smoothies and juices etc… So it’s about time I kick start a healthful lifestyle before the turning point is possible but slow.

It is never too late to set motion to any of the pursuits, goals, dreams etc..

So Thursday I started to noticed this annoying binding in my back, as if muscles were tightening and tightening. It became annoying. Friday I was off but as I got out of bed this was even more stiff and annoying. I am going to take care of this today, I said to myself. If I am distracted any way shape or form I am going to be less effective..

Often we fight in life to be more mechanical and less intuitive. We may give credit to ever so demanding lifestyles and commitments. We may give allegiance to this that and the other. In course of everyday life we may put ourselves on ignore.

In order to fix this issue, my inner guidance said, you need body work instead of a deep tissue massage or anything more than that. Here I was listening to my intuitive inspirational self, I started to call my friends that could help me. I finally got in with my LMT friend Summer Moore in Deland, Florida. I explained to her what was going on and allowed her to be guided to do what is best. When the body work session was over I felt much better. I immediately started to feel as though the toxins and other elements were being released. I gulped a bottle of water. As I left I had this strong influence to find a juice smoothie. I asked around for suggestions but once again no good. Then I stumbled upon this Beeatroot place in Deland, Florida. I was practically led to this place. I got an apple, carrot, ginger concoction juice. It was yummy.

This morning, I started my day fresh, well, healthy, inspired to be productive. I’m feeling better in comparison to yesterday by 65%. As I think of this now, I remember muttering something to my friend at the body work session.

“My sluggish body is revolting against my pursuit towards a healthy body.”

We see this all the time in our life. When we shift and change from one course to the other and inadvertently from worse to good and good to better and better to best, we slip and slide and we go tumbling here and there. We must recognize for all it is worth before we simply slow down and return to where we were.


Today, right now I sit at the corner of happy and healthy. I’m thankful to my higher consciousness and my sensitivity towards the energies that surround me. I must stay on track. It is beneficial.

Where are you in life? What pursuits are you following? Are you ready to peek around that corner?

Joy Sagar is an intuitive, psychic, medium and Vedic astrologer based in Cassadaga,Florida, available for private and phone consultations.



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