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Ripples! Is that how LOA (law of attraction) operates?

Have you ever thrown a pebble in a still/standing water? What occurs? Ripples!!!

Well for a lack of better visualization, thoughts and their impact on the universe and the energies that operate within its realms.

Thoughts are energy and energy create vibration and vibration is what we tune into or it is what we put out. Thus, it is said, we manifest based on our rate of vibration within our thoughts.

I heard “Abraham” today to satisfy my curiosity. This is my sum total best effort in understanding.

We think thoughts. We generate vibration. Universe perceives those vibrations. We manifest. We carry thoughts that are active and we carry thoughts that are inactive. Inactive thoughts are from our past. They exist but without energy. They do surface every now and then. We observe them and them leave them where they are. There are active thoughts too. Active thoughts exist either consciously or subconsciously.

Active Conscious Thoughts are the thoughts that we choose to verbalize. Expressions. Impressions. Projections. Predictions. & more. We see their energy. We see their impact. We feel the ripples there of. We manifest. We allow these thoughts to travel with our energy/vibration to the universe and we wait to experience the ripple effects there of.

Active Subconscious Thoughts, as it is defining by itself, are non-verbalized thoughts. They stay hidden in the crevices of our brain. They are active only and only for one reason. We are “giving” energy to them by thinking of the pros and cons and other implications of good or bad kind. The spectrum of these thoughts could be one extreme to the other, from happy to sad, from elated to subdued, from hyper to hypo and so forth.

The LOA dictates, if you have A thought, if you give it energy, it will manifest based on the energy for it.

Why negative vibrations manifest quicker than positive vibrations? First impression response is, “squeaky wheel gets the oil” negative vibration has an erratic rate of vibration than a positive vibration, it attracts more and manifests quickly. Human Psychology shows we hold on to negative experiences and thoughts more than positive experiences and thoughts. Speaking from a personal point of observation, there is no difference, each manifest, truly based on an individuals intent.

I want to be open to all greater possibilities of life, Why settle of just this one that is in front of me? How do I manifest, what is best for me? What I know of my personal journey, is that, we all have potential and possibility to manifest what we desire. I have manifested my fears. I have manifested my insecurities. I have manifested the greater possibilities. I have manifested money. I have manifested human friendships. I have manifested work opportunities. LOA works. I recognized, to attract what is best for me, I have to vibrate at a higher rate and at an consistent rate. Within my desire to manifest a thought, I cannot change that particular thought mid-way.

As we establish a certain rate of vibration with a desire, we must stay in that vibration, and create powerful vortex. If we introduce a new idea mid stream, it is the same thing as throwing a stone pebble and disturb the LOA Vortex vibrational Energy. STOP brining in any counter productive thoughts to table while manifesting “a thought/dream/goal”.

So What do we do now!? Got any ideas!?

Joy Sagar is an Intuitive, Medium, REIKI Master, Spiritualist Healer & an Avid Natural Law Believer/Practitioner. He is based in Cassadaga, Florida. He is available for private sessions and appointments in person or via phone. Click here for more details….



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