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Road map to Vibrational Success

What must we do on a regular basis?

Just imagine you yourself are going on a road trip. 

What do you do? how do you prepare?

I would imagine the very first thought is to start with a possible road map. It’s starting point and the end point and in between stopping places as well. Secondly, we possibly start to plan towards the trip. Thirdly, to prepare our luggage and sundries for the trip. We carefully pick out clothes and accessories that we would like to wear, keeping in mind the climate conditions on this trip. Fourth, would be to check the vehicle. We must take care of the vessel in order to get the maximum enjoyment from it. We make sure that the engine is working properly and it has all the maintenance, the tires are balanced, rotated, aligned & there is enough air in them. Making sure The inside of the vehicle is clean. Additionally making sure all the unnecessary things that accumulate inside the car are taken out. And somewhere in between other little things we find ourselves ready for the road trip. And Off we go and based on our prep, we find our self just comfortable to know that we will enjoy the experience.

Similarly, we must allow ourselves to consider each and every day, if not then each week to be a road trip. It must be our primary focus to discern our own road map to a successful happy vibrational life. From one week to another, carefully and meticulously planning our own sense of self, working on a checklist within our consciousness, picking and choosing our rate of vibration so that we find ourselves prepped and ready to make the best of our lives for that duration. 

To be prepared for a successful week we must utilize the analogy and the value within the thought of car maintenance. Allow some time to sit with ourselves at least an hour or two each week to sit down and work with the checklist. How did we do this past week? What were some of the issues we encountered? What are the areas that were highlighted due to our lack of preparation? What are the areas I would like to improve this coming week? Are there any residual thoughts feelings and emotions still lingering from this past week? Furthermore, what must be my focus in this upcoming week? 

Adapting and adjusting is a forever thing in our lives. Often life becomes life and it takes our focus away. It allows us to feel caught up, slow-moving as in the likeness of the sludge of an old car engine oil. We become ineffective in innovation of thought. We become devoid of productivity and value. We must change our vibrational engine oil with fresh and new vibration. How do we do this?

Try these, the order may be open to flexibility of ease.

  1. Sit in silence.
  2. Meditate
  3. Be honest.
  4. Check your vibrational index.
  5. Write your thoughts and feelings.
  6. Process the thoughts and emotions.
  7. Become aware of your needs and wants.
  8. Find the good feeling thoughts.
  9. Pick and choose more of what feels good.
  10. Allow yourself to daydream.
  11. Select the vibrations that will make you happy.
  12. Take action.

You will be surprised with time how effective you become with the ease of finding those good feelings thoughts and emotions within yourself. They are even easier to access overtime. It is quite OK to find yourself taking a detour from your road map during that week. Just like you would stop to eat or freshen up, you can do a quick check in and reset/refresh your vibrational index and carry-on.

Should you allow yourselves to practice this or similarly on a weekly basis, this will become your second nature. It will help steer us towards a happier state of blissful vibrational living. 

Spirit led straight from the heart- Joy Sagar


Joy Sagar, is a Psychic Medium, Spirtualist Healer, Teacher, Vedic Astrologer, REIKI Master. He practices in Cassadaga, Florida. He is a Public Speaker and known for his awareness into the natural and spiritual laws, as he combines them to help manifest and facilitate Success for you. 

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