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Round and round and round….

Standing at a vantage point,
Life zooms in and out,
Without a doubt it mesmerizes,
Shimmers and shines,
Flaunts the flaws and highlights,
World has been at war,
Relating victory from fight or flight,
Sanity now stays in vanity,
Intellect thoroughly a neglect,
Like dog chasing its tail,
Man invents the wheel,
Has become the wheel,
Autumn falls and blooms in spring,
Clouds roll and birds sing,
Chirp chirp chirp chirp,
Migration, transition and relocation,
Sounds fun but no vacation,
Sweet, sour and lemony zest,
Feeling the taste enough said,
Thoughts are jumbled up,
Like ball of yarn with no ends,
Round and round and round,
Round and round and round…
Written By- Joy Sagar 7.13.2014



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