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Say whaaaaaat! blinders!

IMG_0060-0 Oh! so you think I don’t see the way you see? Oh! so do you see things the way they see? Oh, only if we stop playing pretend and stop living in duality. Life will be much simpler. Why? Do we want others to observe the way we see life the only way. Why? Can’t we accept that someone else point of observation is just as much valid as others. Truthfully I don’t have an answer, at least the one that may suit everyone. To stay constantly in a fight against getting the whole universe on board with ones view point must get pretty testy and tiring after a while. However, life is such and we all are as individual we can be like the geo discs or the tectonic plates, we move often in one direction then sometimes in the opposite direction and sometimes stay still. Upon these movements we create synchronicity and or friction. Results definitely differ from one another. Life would be boring if we did not get afflicted with different personalities. Life would be colorless if there were an absence of different emotions. Life would be very……. However, if we bind ourselves with natural or spiritual laws of allowance, we will discover it is not that difficult. We will discover the same people with what we fight with become more accepting and adhering to us and vice versa. Since we allow ourselves to do the same, the midway point becomes easy to access. In India there is a great saying about duality,

“Hathi ke dant dikhane ke aur khane ke aur” translates to “Elephant has two set of teeth-one to show off and the other to chew.”

You are the only one who is not afflicted with duality, you think?

Joy Sagar is an intuitive, psychic, medium and Vedic astrologer based in Cassadaga,Florida, available for private and phone consultations.



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