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Self-Discovery has many ways of IMPRESSING upon US!

Self-Discovery has many ways of IMPRESSING upon us, this phrase was given to me few weeks back… However, there was no following thought. I made a note of it and then I resumed my life. Every now and then I would look at this “divine quote” and say what this is supposed to mean. I could logically deduct what it is trying to tell me and I could even strum up scenarios and example to go with it. Still there was nothing. Well life kept happening and I kept flowing. 

Since then, there have been beautiful discoveries in my life. I am thoroughly in a state of “awe” recently. So I must extend “THANK YOU” to all the energies that are working with me.

Defining self-discovery, Self-discovery is the process of learning more about yourself and who you are, OR a becoming aware of one’s true potential, character, motives, etc., OR the act or process of achieving understanding or knowledge of oneself.

However, recently I have been on a smoothie diet for the most part, consuming adequate amount of protein. It has helped. It has helped more than I was expecting. Within the parameters of a healthy lifestyle and being blown away with my discovery of enjoying a new lifestyle, I have almost moved away from consuming carbohydrates. So the bread/pasta etc. have gone out of my diet almost 99%. This has been the case for almost 12 days. I nonchalantly ordered a hamburger.

Oh boy! What did I discover? I have become sensitive/intolerant to gluten. So I experimented couple of times in last three days, and my discoveries have led me to believe that it is so the case. I get initial symptoms of #gluten #sensitivity. Which means one can experience symptoms such as “foggy mind”, depression, ADHD-like behavior, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, bone or joint pain, and chronic fatigue when they have gluten in their diet, but other symptoms are also possible. I did not get all the symptoms but I can accept few in my case. 

I am elated. The freeing result of a non-gluten diet are evident. I have more energy. I feel wondrous. 

What are you doing in life? What have been your discoveries? What are your impressions about your impressions? If we all are attentive to the subtle nudge we get every so often in our awareness, we may just find the key to what makes us click/tick!



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