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Self-Discovery, Spiritual Journey!

From the writings of Sri Chinmoy titled ” The Wings of Joy” pg 23: “In order to become One with God, you have to consciously start your spiritual journey. Here and Now is the soul’s motto. If you have not yet started, then your soul wants you to start your spiritual journey at this very moment.”

As I brushed through the pages of this book, I was humbled by Sri Chinmoy’s thoughts on this subject called spirituality.

Growing up in India, in a minority religion of Christianity, living in a mixed religion neighborhood, had its perks. I share this often when I speak. I was blessed to grow up with reverence to all religions as a child and as a young adult. Even to this day, I feel I have respect for all religions leading to spirituality and eventually to God.

I’d say this observation is true, “Many Paths, Many Masters, All lead to same Source.”


I’d like to say, I am becoming more aware, that what I understood to be a path to God, merely one of many. I have come to recognize, I cannot challenge another’s journey towards seeking oneness with God. Additionally, what I have recognized is that oneness with God, leads to acceptance of religious harmony and religious tolerance.

It is like something within us perhaps expands, as we grow in spirituality and we  begin to embrace and welcome others as they delight in their discovery of ecstatic waves of serenity and peace while they grow in their spirituality.

No matter what your religion is, even if you do not have a religion, you have the opportunity and ability to be “Spiritual”. We may be exactly where we are in our natural-born religion and practice the Spiritual life, you may see yourself getting closer to “Self”. Over a period of time, you may not need to identify your spiritual progression with any religious under tones or over tones. The reason being, you will start to brush with God’s closeness, that needs no labels.

“We don’t find God through, yoga, meditation, lifestyle, monk hood, renunciation etc. in turn we find all these and more through God.”

Hope this writing, subtly moves you to be where you are, be open to God’s love in many different streams of existence, be one with yourself, be accepting of wherever you maybe in this life journey, you can start NOW to progress towards self-discovery.

If this writing appeals to you, speaks to you, makes you think, please share with others.

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