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Silence Speaks

I am spending a good bit of time by myself. A lot of it is just going towards brainstorming. There are too many irons in the fire and I have to keep turning and working on one iron at a time.

Whenever I start to spiral down with self defeating ideations, I have to say it out loud, pretty much, “There are folks worse than your situation-Just be Thankful.” But I must confess, it is all GOOD. Life is a great blessing and I am very well aware of it.

Everyone is different. 

When I sit and meditate and reach that blissful silence I am one with myself. I am cherishing the ONENESS with the greater reality of GOD or the ISNESS. I am feeling the recharge. I am feeling the sensation of purity. I am feeling the bliss of breath work. I am feeling the smile that is not a man made smile. The self acts as though it is selfless. The form may disappear but the formlessness in the formless dwells. This is wondrous. 

When my silence speaks I feel the ripples of my emotional state. I feel the thoughts going out in a waveform. I feel them carrying QUESTIONS of importance. I am AWARE of my surroundings. I am aware of my PHYSICALITY. I am aware of my CONSCIOUS self. I am alive. I am of flesh and bones at that time. The intensity of the ripples that return is tremendous.

Silence speaks to me and shakes me up. Silence brushes my brain and makes me aware that there is depth in my silence. My thoughts often give me a sense of vacuum. The emptiness in those silent moments is when the logic fails. The emptiness that i see in my eyes as they are focused on the horizon while my brain is awake and I register my pulse. The consciousness is speaking.

It is very simple and humble. The consciousness is in the clean stream of water that flows down a creek. It cannot fight the shorelines on either side yet gently rounds the edges, the stones, turns corners into curves. The consciousness of a seed is the first leaf that sprouts which in turn becomes a twig then a small trunk then a complete tree. The consciousness resides in the air that we breath. The air carries the essence of life. Silence is all that and then some.

The QUESTION, do you reach a state of ecstatic silence? If you do what do you hear…

(Photograph taken by Molly MacCartney)



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