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Simply Thankful

Thinking of wonderful things happening all the time in my life. As Abraham says, “things are always working out for me”, I believe every word of this.  
My life is nothing but a validation for the hymn “this little light of mine…”. I’m shining from within and I’m glowing in the glorious blessings from the Infinite Spirit.I’m THANKFUL! for all the blessings in my life. I’m thankful for YOU to be a part of my journey. I’m simply thankful. 

My wish for you in days ahead is for the great infinite to provide you with reasons small and big to be thankful for. 

Let’s all ride the gratitude tide!

With a grateful heart,

Joy Sagar

JoyofCassadaga is a practicing certified medium, healer, astrologer, teacher and Professional Speaker based in Cassadaga, Florida. You can call/text/email him for scheduling appointments. 



Call or Text : (386)-479-5225

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