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Spirit will find….

When you are lost,
Spirit will find you,
Your far cry,
Falling on the curb side,
Will reach their ear,
They will step in,
Give you flight,
Where there is no end,
The essence of spirit,
Will enter to heal,
Physical or emotional,
Little or big,
Shallow or deep, 
Scars and scales,
Weighing each atom,
With blissful grace,
Heart beat pumps,
Throbbing arteries,
Flow in the veins,
Regenerating tissue,
Bones and all,
Dreams and wishes,
Prayers and calls,
Sighs and sniffle,
All spirit knows,
The strength of time,
We come to assist,
Must you know, 
No frills or follies,
Tidings of strength,
We never part,
Until we meet again…
Written by : Joy Sagar 7.14.2014



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