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Suggestions and all…

A little story…

Once upon a time.. there used to be a Sage/Ayurveda expert who lived in this insignificant village in India. His methods and remedies were very effective. He had cured many illnesses that were not easy to cure. One day a man visits him to get his problem cured. The Sage/Ayurveda Man checks him and ponders.. He asks the man to return in a week he will give him the remedy but on one condition. The man asks, what is the condition? The Sage/Ayurveda man said next time you come to see me you will have to come on foot from your home and return on foot. The man agrees and leaves. In one week he returns to the Sage/Ayurveda man, afoot as promised drenched in sweat. The visit was short. The Sage/Ayurveda man says to the man, I am working on your prescription it is almost ready, I just need a few more days to full proof it, so return in two weeks but the same rule applies, when you travel to see me walk on foot. The man little perturbed and little annoyed with the condition of walking on foot but he trusts the Sage/Ayurveda man thus he agrees. Precisely two weeks later, the man arrives keeping his promise, on foot, traveling for many miles, this time not so exhausted as before. The Sage/Ayurveda man looks at him with accomplishment and says, I have your remedy. The man asks, what is it? I am ready to have the miracle cure. The Sage/Ayurveda man says, STOP EATING SALT IN YOUR DIET ALL TOGETHER. The man, literally furious at this point, says that is such a simple thing so why did you not tell me this when I visited you the first time. The Sage/Ayurveda man replies, Son! your cure was simple, but salt which is innate in our diets and essential in our lifestyle, is HARD to GIVE UP. Even though this will cure your health problem, I had to make sure before I blurt out a suggestion or a remedy to you like so, if I could give up salt in my own diet for this long. I was able to apply this remedy on myself before passing it on to you. I made you walk to give you an example, how your circulation has improved, how radiant you look, and you have  lost weight in this pursuit as well. I had to consider that if I say stop eating salt, I can do the same. The man was humbled with the response and returned with his cure.

Good Morning everyone!

Something to investigate within…

What we tell others to do, or be like, or behave, how much of the same we truly live in our lives.

Lead by example… Or Lead through words… Or lead through action…

The same suggestions that we dish out to others, if it comes to a point, can we apply the same suggestions to our lives.

#Reflective #Monday

If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete. – #Buddha

Joy Sagar is a Medium, Intuitive, and a Vedic Astrologer based in Cassadaga, Florida. About Joy!



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