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Sunflowers Embrace…

Sunflowers embrace…
Sitting by my window,
I feel the rays of the sun,
When mild and tender,
They are lot of fun,
When on a humid day,
They whip us like a heard,
Put us on the inside,
Like figurines in cupboard,
Mother Nature not so much,
Plants, birds, animals such,
Some play and some hibernate,
Sunflower is sunshines only playmate,
It perks up in the morning,
It dazzles in its rays,
It seeks attention from sun,
In many different ways,
It plays a trick in mid afternoon,
Wimps out in heat as it’s giving up,
But then peeks through its eyes,
As sun goes down and gives up,
It perks again in victory,
As though there is a mystery,
It looks in the direction,
Hoping sun is still in action,
But then the warm embrace,
A gentle hug, a gentle hug,
Before the sun goes to the other side,
And plays with another sunflower by its side.
Written By : Joy Sagar



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