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Symbolism is everywhere!

Excerpt from todays lecture…

Thought 1 – Today is Easter. It has a big spiritual influence across the world to all, big or small, we all can take a little or a lot from the symbolic meaning of easter.

Thought 2 – Today is April Fool’s Day. It has a humorous influence across the world, big or small jokes and pranks play out today. We all can take a little or a lot from humor.

Thought 3 – First Card of Tarot Deck – The Fool. Today is metaphorical.


No matter how we see today. No matter how we see our religious upbringing. We can find that symbolism revolves around us.

Passover to Easter is a quite important and reverend time for many of us. We get an opportunity to reflect on many aspects. As I heard the guidance from Superior Higher Consciousness, I was prompted to utilize “resurrection” as a pivotal base.

The Fool card in major arcana can represent all of us. No matter where we are in our journey. We are the “FOOL”. The card depicting, one human form, a stick on his shoulder, a flower in his hand, a little companion dog, edge of a mountain with other mountains in the backdrop, a small bag at the end of his stick and bright yellow sky.

This is not about divination of sorts but to accept and take from the symbology. A human form who is ready to embark on a new journey. It carries simplicity. It carries a small bag that perhaps holds essentials. It also depicts letting go of personal and old baggage. A happy cheerful companion. The mountains in the backdrop express new heights from a labor of journeying. Flower perhaps depicts sensitivity. Yellow perhaps highlights new awareness and the spirit within. (One may have their own take on this card.)

Symbolically, we have so much going on here. We have the ability to look at ourselves and release that no longer serves us. Embark on the journey that may elevate and escalate our own view of ourselves. Perhaps there is more.

Within celebrating easter, the journey of Jesus, His knowing of His path, yet making the choices as destined, not changing the outcomes whatsoever. Resurrecting and visiting with the disciples and Mary can be one of the most highlighting events of continuity of life. Rising above and beyond, no matter the circumstance, is a great message of hope.

Symbolically, we all make choices, we all do what we must. We all have the ability within us to rise above our circumstances. Maybe more.

The world goes through several varieties of natural disaster. Several years ago through hurricane damage, New Orleans is back on the ground running, stronger than ever. Hurricane Irma could not stop life. We are bouncing back from it. For a moment, focus on nature. The world has seen a lot. Every forest fire, every tsunami, every hurricane, every snowstorm, yet the nature doesn’t give one bit of a heck. Just grows back with ease. those that cannot bear life stay still and contribute in their own way. Then there is new life all over again.

If we don’t find ourselves in agreement with a situation or condition of our life, we must brave and hit the reset button. Have faith that all things are there for a reason. Have trust that we can reset our life to ZERO and start again. Finding ourselves at the edge of something wonderful like “the fool” can be such an awesome and liberating feeling.

You are encouraged to find your own symbolism within this journey of yours called life. It is unique to you like your DNA is. Be brave. Be courageous. Be fervent. Be creative. Be ready to allow ease and growth in your life.

“If I really want to improve my situation, I can work on the one thing over which I have control – myself.” – Steven Covey

My Best Wishes to All for a wonderful new beginnings.

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