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That night, I must have died in my sleep…

Wednesday, April 20, 2022, was a strange night. But, leading up to it was not remotely normal either.

I have not been sleeping sound for a long night’s sleep for a few months up to this point. There are no signs of tiredness, fatigue, or loss of any cognitive functions, so all was good. That night, I went to bed as usual around regular hours. I noticed lots of tossing and turning. So often, it is the case.

I entered the dream state in the form of energy. I could see myself but like energy. I thought at first that I had entered the world of spirit as a liquified crystal clear quartz humanoid. These forms had no facial features, but they were all shaped like humans. I could maneuver, walk, and navigate around like a human. But, I did not or could not talk. I could see through myself.

Looking around in the world of spirit, my father was in my immediate space, and then further down was my mother. They seem to be not affected by my presence there, somewhat neutral. I kept moving and entered into a different space because after that was a whole different feel. It was very peaceful.

I am describing what I could remember or relate in the language of colors otherwise it may not make sense. The colors there were white, silvery blue, and silver bleeding into blue. It almost felt like a land of clouds but firm and grand. There were some sharp mountain like formations. There were others there, almost like me, but they were more like moonstone white.

It was peaceful. My last impression was this real? Where am I? Was this an Out of Body Experience? It felt like for those few moments, I have checked out. However, I knew I was in some different space, as I could see my physical body below.

The most profound feeling was the liquified, crystalline see through state of being.
It must have been around 2:17 AM when I returned in my body and woke up.

I do not have big stories to go with this experience. I only have this experience. It was real, as real as it gets. In reflection, I would not mind if I go there again for a little while longer. I would like to see, explore and experience that realm more.

This blog, will continue… Is this a click bait? Not really. I will post updates, as I discover more information.



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