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the circle of life goes on…

Here is a meditative thought.

While one deals with a situation at hand that hits one’s core.

It holds an excellent opportunity for oneself to elevate oneself by contemplation, reflections, isolation, meditation, realization, and maturation.

It holds a great opportunity for others to persuade you, influence you, inject in your mind their perceptions – suggestions – etc., allure you and more.

Here is an observation.

Christ, Buddha, Saint and Sages, Joan of Ark, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc., sought isolation from others. I assumed that they had to have similar circumstances as us. Newer awakened enlightened personalities such as Paramahansa Yogananda, J. Krishnamurty, Swami Ramana Maharishi, Eckhart Tolle, Thích Nhất Hạnh, etc. 

Do you wonder how often they turned to another human to say, this is what I am going through, or this is what my problem is? What do you think I should do. I wondered if they have used others as a sounding board. My observation says that there was almost always an opportunity for another to capitalize on their mindset.

We understand as humans; we like others to empathize with us. We find comfort when others agree to our thinking and understanding. While it is grand to have others share in our difficulties and sorrows, it is also a fantastic opportunity to realize the greatness of this restless feeling within us. There lies a grand opportunity to discover the stillness within ourselves, which does not come easy.

Here is a recommendation.

Do the best you can to resist the temptation of seeking other’s suggestions. Do the best you can to seek comfort in other’s ability to sympathize with you. Do the darn best not to be influenced by the recommendations of the outsiders.

Make an effort not to respond while you feel upset and angry. Instead, make an effort to be still. Make an effort to evoke your inner listening ability. Make an effort to seek the caverns of your mind and seek a more precise picture that may add value to your self-growth. Make an effort to be still, and in that stillness, there will be a better response. 

Of course, if this does not come to your aid, choose wisely from the list of your perceived friends and with whom you share your thoughts. One never knows where their hidden interest may lay. That is indeed the beauty of lessons learned in this life. 

Here is an added thought.

All the while, you are sorting out what initially made you upset. Seek your inner council and ask, do I believe in the power of correction? Where does it start? Within that is an opportunity to recognize the importance of The Natural Law of Choice. With each choice comes an experience of cause and effect or consequences.

And the circle of life goes on. So the mindfulness perhaps is to be awake at the beginning, middle, or the end of this circle of life. 

In conclusion, where it is good to seek advice or input from others, using your contemplative space for your own higher wisdom is more significant.



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