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The Sailor and The Mermaid…

This is a story of a Sailor,
This is story of a Mermaid,
This is just a Trailer,
Of possible legend to be made.
The sailor in his boat,
Went here, there and everywhere,
Sailing is what made him gloat,
On the waters he never cared.
Waves that shimmer,
Breeze from the Sea,
Mysteries of the deep,
Span from horizon to ocean.
The myths, the stories,
Tales of the deep blue,
He had many of his own,
His discoveries were true.
He looked and looked,
He sailed and not hooked,
Riding the waves slow and fast,
In his now still caught up in his past.
Sea waves full of life,
Something caught his eyes,
Curious he made strides,
Sailor inched closer to see.
What he saw left him dazed,
The myth he heard of the sea,
Rubbed his eyes while amazed,
He was curious what this could be.
He went even closer,
And little more closer,
He dropped his jaw,
That he held in his paw.
Sailor hid behind the wheel,
What to think or what to feel,
From his head to heels,
Wanting to touch if it were real.
Why it was there,
How it got here,
He muttered,
He wondered.
Blue eyes were deep,
just like the sea,
Is it the perception,
Or is it the reality.
Deep blue waters,
A shinny skin,
Sparkling specs,
It looked akin.
Moving like a fish,
Looking at a dreamy wish,
Water reflecting the Sun,
More real than just fun.
Sailor no longer afraid,
Knew of what this was made,
Still dazed and amazed,
Looked at the beautiful Mermaid.
Sparkling skin and Iridescent scales,
Beautiful face with batting eyelashes,
Swam with splendor and made some dashes,
She swam to him and greeted with splashes.
She looked at him,
He looked at her,
There was a new world,
For them to discover.
What started once,
Happened over and over,
He came looking for her,
She longed to meet again.
The Sailor and The Mermaid,
What they have at hand,
The future to discover,
Holding hand in Hand…



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