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The Source is the Joy! 

My name is Joy and it has always been since the day I was born. I cannot hide the emotion of joy that brims in my being. Silently and quietly and often aloud, I am usually reflecting attributes to my name.
I have often construed narcissistic because I am open to and capable to do some amount of wordplay with my name. Being witty and humorous is key essence of health and well-being, so I go with the flow. Rarely do I get upset when people sing me songs that have Joy in it, or when someone just wants to hear my name two or three times to make sure it is “Joy” they heard.

Couple days ago while I was responding to a post on Facebook, it occurred to me, my response was not a frivolous kind, but had seriousness to it. So I captured it as an original quote.

Well this was the quote. While I was capturing the emotion of joy and connecting it being a reflection of The Source, little to my awareness laid the thought of connecting me to this as a person. The pure joy I shared here is stemming from receiving heightened communication from not my intellect but a spiritual infinite source.

Expanding on my quote, I spoke once before comparing happiness and joy and how each differ in the essence and why it is important to go with joy.

Happiness is a state of mind. Joy is a state of being. 

Sounds similar but not quite. Tangible ingredients bring happiness. Buy a car, buy a new tablet, buy new clothings, buy dinner, buy groceries – all these have a shelf life. All of similar activities induces the brain chemicals that make us feel good. A job that makes end meet or gives you sense of security also contribute to your happiness even though it also has a shelf life.

When one identifies their true passion or their true essence, for example, Tesla, Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King jr., Kofi Annan, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Parmahansa Yogananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson Davis, and many more live/lived in perpetual state of joy. Only reason they knew their purpose, they were always at beckoning to the source for their calling.

Abraham Hicks teachings, always call upon being one with the source. Often, I can express, I am in tune with my source. I hope my readers are in tune with their source too. If we are in alignment with The Source we are pretty close to being the source of joy to our own good.

Joy, the emotion, is permanent. It has no expiration. It does not changes. It doesn’t shift. It does not dissipate. It is forever. The only way it can change or shift is when we allow ourselves the opportunities to change and shift our thoughts and life events. Then again, it will get back in alignment once we recognize and we resume our connection with the source.

“Joy is permanence and you can only dwell in permanence as long as you are connected to the source. Because The source is the Joy.”

Surely, the source is the joy, just because the source stays unaltered, unadulterated, unchanged, and it is always accessible and attainable at all times. The Source never denies you to be your own joy. The Source never declines your creditworthiness and allows you access with ease.

How to create joy in your life? Seek The Source! Find your own pathway to The Source. Find your vibration and let it raise you to your Source.


Joy Sagar is a psychic, medium, intuitive, healer based in Cassadaga, Florida. He is available for private sessions and readings by appointment. Visit his website – JoyOfCassadaga for more information.




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