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The Vibratory Index for Success

No matter how defeated you may feel, or how down you find yourself,  you still have something within you that has the ability to change the vibration.  You have the ability to change your perception and transform your life, right here, right now.

Life brings you the experiences based on the way you choose to see yourself or feel about yourself.

Esther-Abraham Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins and many other notable proponents of mastering your pathway to success, promote keeping yourself in check when it comes to how you vibrate on a moment to moment basis.

Our vibratory index is “the index for success or failure”.

How we focus in our daily life is what we create.  Anyone who vibrates with uncertainty and disbelief in their own abilities to execute a task at hand, or questions the probable outcomes, draws the circumstances that will lead them towards more of those similar experiences. However, understanding the natural laws of the universe could be a life saver.

It’s even said, “when it rains it pours.” It’s evident that no matter what spectrum our vibration ranges from good/bad/worse or good/better/best, we are the ones that are allowing the vibrations to manifest in our lives. At this point it becomes important to say that we must practice gratitude.

Express gratitude for everything…say it out loud.

Gratitude in every experience. Greatness is to have the courage to say life is beating me to the ground, but I am in the warmth of love and I still exist. Greatness is within the awareness that my vibratory rate will change as soon as “I Allow” it to change.  When we not only see our self, but we Believe in our self, we can reverse our vibratory index of failure towards success. As we start to see the progression of improvement we must practice heightening our degree of gratitude.

You can make it happen when you Visualize it. Speak it out loud. Feel it. Believe it. It’s just that simple.

Joy Sagar is an Internationally known practicing Medium, Psychic/Intuitive, Healer, Speaker, Teacher, Hindu Vedic Astrologer based in Cassadaga, Florida. Joy says, “I AM thankful for my gifts and abilities the Great Infinite Spirit has bestowed upon me, to not only transform my life, but to share these with anyone who may need assistance. I AM blessed.”

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