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… they apply to all, no exceptions!

@ 2:11 AM when The Universe hands you this thought for contemplation. 

Natural Laws // Spiritual Laws // Universal Laws — one positive fact :— they are always at work — one not so positive fact :— they apply to all, no exceptions. 

In my stupor I heard these words waking me up. I wonder instead of “positive” if they may have used “fun”. Nonetheless, I am pondering   to this nudge. I was compelled to share this. 

We often forget we are a part of the divine tapestry. That we are no different than the person in front of us. 

I am sure this is divinely guided to take me deeper into the philosophy from the Spirit World even if it is merely a task to ponder. 

I feel as though, by sharing with everyone, this may contribute in a small way to your own contemplation, growth and development. 

Ram Dass said, “we are all just walking each other home.”

Much Love — Joy Sagar

PS :— what got my attention was the “not so positive fact!!!” No one has immunity from these natural, spiritual and universal laws. They get us even when we think we got them. 



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