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Thinking of my Folks!!

Hi Everyone,
Haven’t written anything in a while…So here we are.

There is a lot that goes on between Thanksgiving and New Years. I would consider the emotional quotient running rampant with most and not necessarily everyone. Memories ranging from the childhood, teenage years, young adulthood, and then to this date. Ah! did I say I had a handful things in my life in the recent past I was thankful for. I am “guilty” of finding things in my life to be thankful for even when I am at my worst. Even when I think of those whom I feel/perceive have caused me to feel bruised and hurt. Why am I thankful to them, just because of them I know there is a balance in the universe. Where there is hurt, there is soothing. Where there is loss, there is gain.

Loosing my mother many many moons ago was a landmark in my life. She has not left my side even when some would consider her to have moved on to heavens. Her presence is very evident in my moments of joy and sorrows. I am confident to say I feel her presence often when she has to share with me that I am surrounded with love and love alone will be my strength. I try to remember that.

She loved holidays. She loved them regardless of the religious background. Diwali, Id, Easter or Christmas my mother never stopped to support us to observe those holidays with our friends. She always encouraged me to be respectful and reverend to their beliefs and customs. She said, “If we observe a solemn attitude towards anyone and their religious belief, we will get the same in return.” I always remember this.

My dad on the other hand loved the delicacy aspect of the religious celebrations in addition to his church time. He always made sure the Christmas Cards were sent out by now so that they do not get lost in the postal service high season. He always made sure we have a special day dedicated to celebrate the holidays with his group of friend. I think it was a show off to share the spirit of cheer. We always had a musical evening planned for Christmas eve after the kids got their goodies and gifts and finger food etc. The evening would go into early morning of Christmas day singing, dancing, and fun galore.

I sit here and write this blog with all the sweet loving memories of my parents. I know they are always with me. Cheering and lighting up my life when I need a little nudge. I know they will twinkle in the sky, always shining bright and follow me no matter where I go in my life. I am blessed.

I am sure you have your goodie bag full of memories. Sweet or sour, whatever they maybe, just a thought to remember, that your loved ones are always with you. They seek attention even when they cross over just as much they did when they were around us. They smile and gloat when you talk about them or tell their stories. Good or bad or indifferent just find a reason to tie them in your holiday season. Just like that one special toy that catches your eye as you look at the Christmas tree

Give a special hug to your loved ones this season. A joyful tear in your eyes as you talk about them will set a special tone to your communication with them. Open up your hearts and listen in the moments of quietness, they are just as eager to connect with you as you are with your sweet loved ones.

Hugs & Warm Wishes wrapped in loving embrace from our Loved Ones for this Holiday Season.

Thanks for reading…Happy Holidays.



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