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Thinking of my Nursing Graduates friends!

Today was a day of extreme reflection. A group of peeps I met almost two years ago in the first semester of RN class completed the final exam today. Awesome effort and awesome journey for each of these individuals. None the less for me too. I was not part of this finishing group because I dropped out almost in the very beginning.

Throughout the day I had to see myself from a subjective and objective view. Last two years are remarkable in my life. Big life events have occurred. Sacrifices, adjustments, compromises, success and failures everything has brushed me in these two years. I have interacted with some of the nursing students through their journey. They have succeeded in this program – hats off to them. They have created a life long union based on camaraderie and support for each other. Each of these individuals have sacrificed on and off through these two years. A lot or a little, but they have, definitely gained a humongous amount of human values from each other. Well in the flow of reflection, I every so often, wish I was in this group of graduating students. I seriously do.

The most wondrous and most notable is my internal emotion. I am calm, serene, tranquil and observant. NO I am not justifying myself but acknowledging the fact. I am where I am suppose to be. Every bit of my journey has allowed me internal and external progress. Each individual that I have met has exchanged a valuable impression with me. Someone once said to me, “there is enough for everyone to go around to prosper and to be successful”, this is very true. I am truly blessed. The lesson of patience, the lesson of faith, the lesson of trust, the lesson of compassion, the lesson of being satisfied, the lesson of gratitude, the lesson of loss and gain, the lesson in friendship, and more and then some are the strong points for me. The rewards in tear, the reward in a smile, the remarkable glow on someone’s face after an intense conversation, a gentle healing, a breath of confidence and more and then some is deemed to be the reward. I humbly accept that.

Our lives at this venue are like the fresh bud on a plant, that is slowly going to blossom into the creators unique masterpiece there ever was. Thus, awareness is of great essence and virtue of all virtues. I sincerely pray and wish for all my nursing graduate friends that no matter what goes on, embrace the fact that the show goes on. This is just a beginning.



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