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Thoughts make life Yummy!


Yes, Life is Yummy!
It is in many different ways.

For one, I woke up and I am still breathing. I found myself surrounded with love, from up above and on here in the physical plane. Second, I get to play at #Cassadaga my #Spiritual grounds. Third, …. I wanted to eat at Starbucks​ – IHOP​ – Denny’s​ – Colonial Room Restaurant​ – and more… wait this one gets better. I heard a whisper within me, it said, “No matter where you go they cannot fix the omelet better than you”, I concurred. So I fixed myself a yummy breakfast and cherished every bit of it. (sorry for not photo if you thought you’d see one.)

Anyhow Life is life. It gets in our way and sometimes it gets away. But when you live life with intent of making every moment count. It is “GOLDEN”. There is nothing that will ever compare better than living life mindfully. Challenges will go away, situations in life will simplify, health and wellness will be accomplished.

There is an absolute guarantee from the universe, if we live life, or make an attempt to live life, with our spiritual and natural laws, we can do anything we desire.

Driving through the fog this morning was another great Aha! Moment. We all live life in the farthest most future in our life. Always focused on a retirement plan, 401K, a paid home to live in, and more. While I was driving through the fog, I could not see past say 50 feet. I had to be content with the beauty of fog. How everything looked awesome, glistened with dew and mist. How fog made me want to stop and just stare at it (which I did on stop lights).

That limitation of not being able to see far away, made me pay attention to things that were closer. The vehicle next to me, the landscape that I caught a glimpse of, the construction work, different tags on the cars and more. Just made me go whoa there is beauty and things to be observed in closeness. If I would have the ability to see far away due to no fog, I perhaps would missed some picturesque memory of this morning travel. Above all, this thought provoking writing would have not happened. The stimulus in my present energy would have replaced with something else yet not this one.

Friends, pay attention, always look for a bigger vision even when life is blurry. There is a great quote from Abraham Hicks​, “Things are always working out for me” make this a vibrational energy stimulus for yourself. You know why? Because everything is in your favor and everything is working out for you at all the times…. Feel the goodness, Feel how great that feeling of feeling good is, and Shift the reality of your vision and focus with the intent of seeing good in all.

Love to you all and Blessings galore for a beautiful weekend.

Make it an awesome day.
Spirit led Straight from the Heart.
Joy Sagar​
Joy of Cassadaga​



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