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To each their own!

From the book “The Art of Living – Vipassana Meditation” as narrated by S. N. Goenka and written by William Hart…

“I do not carry anyone else on my shoulders to take him to the final goal. Nobody can carry anyone else on his shoulders to the final goal. At most, with love and compassion one can say, “Well this is the path, and this is how I have walked on it. You also work, you also walk, and you will reach the final goal.” But each person has to walk himself, has to take every step on the path himself. He who has taken one step on the path is one step nearer the goal. He who has taken hundred steps is hundred steps nearer the goal. He who has taken all the steps on the path reached the final goal. You have to walk on the past yourself.”

We are all lead to live a stellar life. We are all lead to be our best. We are all destined to greatness. However, we are given the choice to decide how much and when to and what is etc. We must live out our life map. We must recognize as to what a simple joy it can be to just simply keep plugging along.

Some don’t that may help us along the way:

  1. Don’t judge.
  2. Dont compare.
  3. Don’t whine.
  4. Don’t complain.
  5. Don’t procrastinate.

One step at a time, a journey of ten thousand steps is completed. Once you will discover that action defined or undefined is still action, and without action nothing transpires. It is all talk until you take action.

Some do’s may help us fulfill our journey:

  1. Think, reflect
  2. Make a flow chart
  3. Put some thought into it
  4. Take planned action.
  5. Always say, “I will do my part.”

Native Americans prefer, action, thoughtfulness, compassion, care and balance within human world and Spirit World. Buddhism prefer, taking the right path. Hinduism prefer focus on devotion and dedication. Spiritualism prefers understanding personal responsibility. Islam teaches us strong sense discipline. All religions bring us close to the path that will lead to the Infinite however no religion walks it for us. We have to do it. To each their own!

Give it a thought! Are you on your path? close to it? far away from it? Are you walking towards it? or away from it? You are the key!

Joy Sagar is a practicing Spiritualism Medium, Psychic, Healer and A well received Public Speaker. He is based in Cassadaga, Florida. He is available for private readings, mentoring, coaching and healing sessions.

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