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For past week, everyday when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning, I have been noticing that there is a shift in weather conditions. From a warmer muggy climate so dear to Florida(ians)  is changing or transitioning to a nice crispier, cooler, less humid and a very pleasant fall weather.
I am looking forward to the crispier, chillier and colder mornings and days and nights for that matter. There is something refreshing about it. But this is just my perspective or preference. It does not mean it should be this way for you or anyone else that have a little different idea of how the weather should feel for them.
Transition is a fancy word for change in my perspective with subtlety. Change is little harsh in my understanding. But the truth is that it is neither good or bad or indifferent, it is what it is. If we allow ourselves to develop a sense of differentiation and use this as an interchangeable aspect of our realization, do you think it would make any difference in embracing what comes with it in terms of facing the tunes, going through adjustment etc.?
No matter which aspect of our lives we consider, all of us are going through some sort of shifts in our lives constantly. We all understand the unique aspect of change is that it never waits on anyone and it definitely changes. Fall did not wait on Halloween and Christmas will not wait on snowfall either. Nature has a way of showing us examples of perpetual movement and constant transition. Phases of Moon being another good example. The planetary movement in the Solar system is another example.
Few years back Florida got hit by several severe weather conditions including Hurricanes, Tornados, Tropical Storm etc. These came following each other. Nature did not flinch one bit and changed it’s course as if one was not enough. Was it trying to send a message? or what was it? Did we realize what emerged out of these series of bad weather conditions?
I realize out of these series of bad weather situations came out stronger people and stronger groups of people. These natural elements taught us a necessary lesson. Be Prepared, Be Responsive, Be Aware, Be Vigilant, Be Smart and more. Those situations have given us the preparedness for many many years. Just about when typical tropical weather conditions are coming into transition, the residents are ready for the transitioning too. Foresightedness is what comes to mind. 
Nature and.or our surrounding elements show us that human beings have the capacity to be captive to the changes and.or to slow down the transitory phases of their life. Getting stuck or purposefully ignoring the obvious facets of life is a unique feature of human beings. A quote I heard, “Universe always gets it right.” gives me a spark of a thought, perhaps because it has the ability to be on a constant internal changes that are happening within those external changes.
Thinking in terms of Life Lessons. Is this a folly that exists in terms of soothing your hurt inner child. I am respectful of observing life lessons. I am kind of the lessons learned with those life lesson-like situations. But is it wise to hash them to the nitty gritty to understand and label them to be the life lesson? Could it be simpler to comprehend and accept, Oh! I learned not to do this again? or Oh! Boy that was an eye opener? or Oh! Dear I enjoyed this lesson? But I am glad it’s past and I get to move to the next phase. The past leaves us with foresight to observe what’s to come. The thought is, what are you learning from your daily past? What is that you engage in? Where do you go from there? How do you create your reality? Are you the same today as you were yesterday? 



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