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Travel Blog #St.Augustine FL

Well a surprise road trip to St. Augustine.
Streets were/are busting at the seems with people from everywhere, I mean everywhere. I wanted to visit few places, some I made it, some got lost in darklation (translation but in darkness of the night). Whoa I did catch the lights in the park. There were folks enacting the vintage era. Beautiful.
So I visit here, at the “Present Moment Cafe” and they put me in a corner, literally in a corner. Haha. Life is funny. It sure is. (Stating facts – not complaining). Oh! I have talked them into ending my detention. Ha! Now I am sitting at the bar. Nice.
Food was delicious as always. Macro Burger, side of fresh hummus, organic ginger root beer and grand finale of Chocolate Brownie with Cashew Ice Cream. Yummy! organic, vegan, raw food.
Few other discoveries were made by listening to my inner compass. A moment to catch myself from becoming an active communicator, instead staying put as an observer.
I was instantly reminded *** Nothing ever happens outside of the natural and spiritual laws. Life happens. Spiritual & Natural Laws are always operative and no one is exempt from them. Don’t you think that alone is a harbinger of eternal peace.
Sending my respect to the Creator and the Divine Order created by the Natural, Spiritual and Physical Laws.
Love & Peace — Joy Sagar

Joy Sagar is a Certified Medium, Healer and Teacher from Cassadaga, FL. He enjoys Inspirational Speaking and Spiritualist Conversations. Visit his website —



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