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True Joy…

In the middle of nowhere as my eye stare seeking the true joy.

I ask myself, where does it exists? or Does it really exist?

Ask the mother that has just given birth to a brand new life, what her true joy is? Ask a Surgeon what is his or her true joy is? Ask a devotee what his true joy is? Ask a bug that floats towards the candle light, even though it knows that once it meets the flame that will be its last moment? Ask a farmer what his true joy is? A true joy exists in the events of family reuniting, War Hero’s making back safe to their home grounds, a firefighter succeeding in saving lives of the fire victims, and many more.

To bring feelings and emotions experienced in that moment are hard to define and express in words because of their magnitude. The answer may come from varied sources and it may carry different emotions but the value and the essence is immeasurable. Take yourself inwards to the center of your essence, you will recognize what gives you that blissful joy. The true joy that nothing can replace. The one joy that would change the spectrum of your existence. That one joyful experience that will linger in your life forever.

A true joy is in that moment where you recognize the miracles of life. True joy of life exists everywhere and in every moment of our lives. Life and our life situations that give us opportunity to recognize them. We as a human being have been giving the ability to recognize and capture the defining moments that can be labeled as our true joys. Every experience is ORIGINAL and Every experience is UNIQUE thus each moment of TRUE JOY is incomparable to the other.

TURN your internal RADAR on and recognize your TRUE JOY’s in life…



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