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Universe MusicI had this thought in my head. In reality it was more than that. To live in awareness, is one most conscious effort anyone can make. It is tough, every now and then when life dishes us the bittersweet dose of reality. Often we response quick and fast because that is what it takes to show “who is in control”. In those moments of fight or flight what is going on within us differs on an individual level. Our social, cultural, personal conditioning carves the pathways up ahead.

Growing and graduating everyday of life since the age of 16, I have found subtle shifts in my being. I am more of a listener now than a talker. I do like to talk, don’t get me wrong on this. However, I choose to listen more than I talk. Often I am found quite in a group, listening and observing, in my own zone. This is good for me. I know, I also get remarked every now and then, why you are not talking and my response is someone got to listen while you all are talking. I smile.

“Subtlety is Universe’s best feature. Often the signs are right in our faces and more than often the signs are very subtle.” – Joy Sagar

We must synchronize to the frequency of the universe. Raise our vibration to it. Lower our vibration to it. Universal vibratory laws are individualist. To each their own, yet we all get to choose how to vibrate. Once we reach to the level of universal vibration it creates the energy of harmony. Now that is ecstatic. For example, in any relationship, when needs and wants supersede communication from verbal to mental, the thrill of confirmations that the individuals within that relationship, are vibrating at the rate of harmony, is greater. Like Bruce Lee would say, “Be like Water”. When relationships blend within each other just like water does to the elements and situations it is with, the beauty of it is greater.

When I received the thought, “I’m listening to music universe is playing for me.”, I was in sync with universe. I was filled with awe. I was taken over by gratitude. I am developing “increased trust” with understanding these vibrational laws of the universe. What is occurring with us in our daily lives, what we are in tune with, what are we responding to, is essentially a response from the universe to our own thoughts that we allow to dwell within us. Everyday, every moment, every instance I get to choose how I participate with life. With every option to choose between the positives and negatives, I get to make the choice. Thus, we can choose to dance with the music, sing along with it, or just listen, whatever it is – “we will always have the choice.”

Confucius says, “This equilibrium is the great root from which grow all the human actings in the world, and this harmony is the universal path which they all should pursue.”

 What are you doing in the events of your life?

Joy Sagar is a Medium, Intuitive & Vedic Astrologer based in Cassadaga, Florida. About Joy!



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