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Updates from the “Health Valley”

Well since.. my last update…

The only thing that is consistent is my focus on health goals. There has been some schemes and plans to fail my goals but I have curbed them and nipped them in the bud so to speak. I noticed myself eating candies and sugars not much but a little yet a little was enough to make me go whoa….

I substituted it with healthy nuts and crunchy kind. I also up-ed my intake of fruits like oranges and apples just to take the edge of sweet tooth. I still eat a chocolate piece or bar every now and then but the overall focus is on the goal.

I am fortunate to have friends and folks of like interest that keeps me on the positive.

I have dropped some weight.. it is noticeable (what others tell me!)… waist size, & overall.

The “BEST” feeling is the one of wellness. I feel relaxed and healthy.

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