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Vibrational, everything is!

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent written by Abraham and Esther Hicks, Chapter 6, page 23…
“Although you may not yet be completely aware of your vibrational nature, you are a vibrational being living in a vibrational universe. In fact, everything is vibrational…..Most people do not realize that thinking about something is inviting the essence of that “something” into their experience.”
It is my personal observation, accidentally or purposefully, experiences have been placed in my life, to teach me a lesson or two or more.
Just like me, I hope you will recognize, the thing that revolves within your heart and mind start to manifest itself, and rather quickly. A phone call from the person in thought, think of a theme and it repeats itself. Often, thinking about a material object such as a specific car, and lo and behold, there they start showing up everywhere. Even emotions of lack or abundance, fear or anxiety, happiness or awesomeness, draw more of similar emotions close to us. Think about it, isn’t it so.
For you it is to recognize that you have an assurance that God has your back. You are constantly keeping tabs on how you think, what you think as it brings you close to those kind of experiences. You are a human, so every day has the potential of taking you to step one. You must know that you can bring into your experience anything that you desire, sorrowful, or joyful.
Since you are a co-creater of your own reality, you must understand, laws of nature are always at work. Simply like your DNA you are capable of co-creating a unique experience for this go round. You get to choose!
What do you choose?

Joy Sagar, is a practicing spiritualist medium, psychic and a public speaker. He works from Cassadaga and travels extensively for public speaking as he likes to share his skill set on Natural Law topics. Visit his website for more information about him.



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